Your message with photo and text will always stay linked to this place.
You decide who can see your Spots: you, your friends or everybody.
You can see all the messages around your current location in a list.
Receive comments about the places where you have left messages.
Look specifically for Spots belonging to your Facebook friends.


With SpotCarve you can leave a message at any place you want. This message will always stay linked to the place. You can decide who can see these messages: just you, your friends, or everybody.

Immortalize your thoughts and photos at your favourite places, leave surprise messages for your friends, document your travels, your family, your hobby or leave behind your opinion and recommendations for e.g. restaurants, hotels etc. These are just a few examples. There are countless ways to use SpotCarve.


When you are near to one of your friend's Spots, you will receive a push-notification on your iPhone. You can also deactivate this function in the Settings.


All created Spots can be commented on and you receive the comments on your own Spots in the Menu under "Messages" in SpotCarve. This makes it possible to communicate about shared places.


You have the option to assign categories to your Spots, for example: Diary, family, travel, summit book, school, restaurant, hotel etc


SpotCarve functions with a Facebook account. That means all your friends are integrated into SpotCarve and you can leave individual messages for them, or look for Spots belonging to your friends.

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